Amarillo Independent School District



1. We believe all students can learn given the proper motivation, time and resources.

2. We believe that education is the equalizer in our society and that our schools can and should provide a culture of hope for all children.

3. We believe students benefit when provided appropriate, distraction-free learning environments and personalized instruction.

4. We believe students will rise to meet high expectations and take responsibility for their own learning.

5. We believe all of our students should graduate from high school prepared to earn a living wage or ready to pursue a college education or additional training.

6. We believe decision-making should involve the use of quality data when appropriate.

7. We believe parents should be meaningfully involved with their child’s education, and that parents and school share the responsibility to see that children have what they need to be successful in school.

8. We believe schools are an essential part of neighborhood communities and that the community plays a role in the education of its children.

9. We believe resources should be focused on the district’s mission to prepare our students for life after high school.

10. We believe classroom lessons that authentically engage students will result in high levels of student learning
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