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The Campus Kitchens Project is an emerging leader in community service for students and resourceful anti-hunger programs for communities around the country. What we do is kind of a no-brainer. We know there are people in every community who need nourishing meals. And, we know that every college campus has food that would otherwise be wasted in the dining halls. We also have brilliant students in its classrooms wanting to relieve hunger. So we put the two together. We empower students to recycle food from their cafeterias, turn these donations into nourishing meals, and deliver those meals to those who need it most. The best part is that students run the whole show. We plan the menus, get the food, run the cooking shifts, and organize the drivers Then, we keep track of all of the paperwork (so we know everythingÕs being done safely), organize fundraisers, develop curriculum, and recruit new students to get involved. The Baylor Campus Kitchen is currently serving hot meals made with produce from the Baylor Community Garden and from the Capital Area Food Bank to Mission Waco, the Cove and the Family Abuse Center. All of the recovered food from the dining halls that normally would have been wasted, is donated to the Salvation Army. We are always looking for more ways to alleviate food waste and fight hunger in the city of Waco.
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