Safety Net Fosters (Dog & Cat)


This sub-group is for anyone interested in becoming a Safety Net Foster to provide temporary care for owned animals.

Safety Net Fostering is the fostering of owned animals whose families are experiencing a temporary inability to provide care for them. This may be related to financial instability, domestic violence, incarceration, or hospitalization. As COVID-19 eviction moratoriums are lifted around the country, Safety Net Fostering programs may be needed more than ever to keep people and their pets together.
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I've had dogs all my life. I have also had cats and horses for many years. We have recently lost our old German Shepherd and are not ready to commit to another dog yet. But would like to help others in the meantime.
I saw that post. Not much information there. I have 2 female dogs both friendly very energetic Swiss Mountain one yr old and an older Catahoula 6yrs. I also have a cat which would not be a problem unless the dog tends to bother the cat. Cat comes and goes as he pleases. Can you give me more info. All of my animals are fixed.
I know, sorry. I am working on getting more info from the owner today so will hopefully have more info shortly. Thanks! — Kristina Hurlburt Kristina Hurlburt on December 17, 2020
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I thought I signed up for this program. Can someone check and let me know.
Hi Kathy! I see you are part of this sub-group. Thank you! I have a dog that I am seeking a 2-4 week foster for. Would you be interested? — Kristina Hurlburt Kristina Hurlburt on December 17, 2020
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